My Promise to the State of California and Assembly District 64

As your voice in Sacramento, I will:

  • Work to expand Social Service programs to ensure the needs of the community are being met. I will work with the Department of Children and Family Services to answer the needs of current and former foster youth. I am running so that no child has to experience the hardships that I did. 
  • Continue the fight in Sacramento for African American, Immigration, Refugee, LGBT, Trans, Women’s, Ingenious and many more rights.
  • Fight to open more schools and hospitals, and provide jobs for the community rather than criminalizing our young people and community.
  • To address the homeless crisis, I am determined to ensure that every person in California has an affordable place to lay their head.
  • As an advocate for education, I am actively working to ensure that every child in the 64th District has an excellent K-12 education and the option of going on to community college or a four-year university. I will work tirelessly to enact policies to keep our streets safe. 
  • I am committed to fighting for schools, jobs, and hospitals, not jails and will stand fireless against racism, sexism and all forms of bias and discrimination.  
  • To spur economic and community development, I will ensure that companies and businesses in District 64 hire within the community. All the local businesses will be encouraged to engage within the neighborhood; this will provide community growth and active support of one another. 
  • To ensure that our children have safe communities to live and play, I will fight to ensure that District 64 is a safe place for all and will work to make sure that the gang truce grows stronger while lowering violent crimes across District 64.