Issues; Where I Stand

Criminal Justice Reform:
As a member of the California State Assembly, Cunningham will ensure the decriminalization of marijuana, and effective community policing; among other reforms.
K-12 - Every child should have access to excellent K-12 public schools. We will expand access to affordable childcare, pre-K and after-school programs, and raise teacher pay. 
College Affordability - We must expand access to free technical college, debt-free 4 year college, apprenticeships, and need-based aid as priority in California.
Gun Safety:
Cunningham will keep guns out of the wrong hands through stronger background checks, a ban on assault weapons, protections for domestic violence victims and support.
Expanding Medicaid is a moral and economic imperative. Medicaid expansion is day one priority for David Cunningham! Fighting to pass SB562!
As a California State Legislator, Cunningham will focus our health policy reforms on maternal and infant health, mental health, drug addiction, and senior care by supporting Single Payer Health Care!
California must protect our communities and keep families together, save TPS, and provide a pathway to citizenship with a clean DREAM Act.
Cunningham will establish protections for veterans and military families, improve transitions from service to school and career, protect our military bases respect and support the diversity.
Homelessness - As a member of the California State Legislature, Cunningham pledges to lead the fight to end homelessness!